The seasonal moccasin puts on heels! The moccasin is a true evergreen, which was born as a formal shoe for small children to become a must have accessory for everyone. There are many variations for this season: paint, velvet, colored leather, or with precious details.

Our proposal? Platform and heel to be covered in feminine pink nappa leather with a retro taste to be worn also with midi skirts instead of more feminine shoes or with wide trousers for a very bon ton look.



Leonardo da Vinci, Dama con l’Ermellino (eng: Lady with an Ermine),  1487 – 1490 ca., Oil on wood panel, 40.3 x 54.8 cm, Czartoryski Museum – National Museum, Kraków, Poland


“The young woman’s clothing is well-kept and refined, as befits a court lady who has the privilege of being the lover of one of the most powerful gentlemen in Italy.

This portrait with an ethereal charm is very innovative for its time (it revises the Lombard tradition based above all on the profile representation) and had considerable resonance among contemporaries. Few have had the privilege of admiring it live. The ermine and the girl (whose identity after long research would be that of Cecilia Gallerani, a Lombard nobleman of educated and acute intellect, portrayed when at 16 she was already the lover of the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza called il Moro) almost seem to identify for the subtle commonality of traits, the slender figure, the intense and candid gaze turned in the same direction. The posture and expression of the face make the movements of the soul evident, letting you imagine emotions and situations rather than explicitly describing them.