In New York, London, Milan and Paris, designers have staged their collections for the next season.

A fixed presence continues to be that of wedges, which undoubtedly remain the most “strategic” footwear in the wardrobe.
Versatile and comfortable, during next Spring Summer season they dress in floral nuances and varied patterns.

We have chosen to present our new EVA wedge covered in a super feminine total pink version. Because as they say… pink is the new black!
Light and easily adaptable it can be customized with any type of material or leather, the imagination is yours!


Giorgio De Chirico, L’enigma di una giornata, 1914. Oil painting on canvas, 83 x 130 cm. Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo, Brazil.


“Everything has two aspects: a current one, what we almost always see and what men generally see; the other, the ghostly, who can only see rare individuals in moments of clairvoyance, of metaphysical abstraction “.

Giorgio de Chirico suggests an “other” dimension of art by inviting us to overcome objective evidence. This extraordinary Italian author who contributed to revolutionizing the visual culture of the last century guides us through current events in a geometric and dreamlike narration at the same time, linked to a profound philosophical reflection.